Online VIP/ Loyalty System

Mobile App Loyalty Card

Rewards and Messaging

Manage it all Together

  • Online VIP/Loyalty System

    Web based system, operate or access via a tablet or a computer from anywhere in your location.

  • Mobile App/Loyalty card

    Players can install a Mobile App with many features including messaging, notifications and a bar coded digital VIP card.

  • Rewards and Messaging

    Create rewards, coupons and special offers, and communicate with targeted and automated messages.

  • Manage it all together

    Our tools work together. You can easily manage website content, emails, special offers, jackpots, reports, coupons, and reward redemptions.

Communicate faster and more effectively. 

In the highly competitive marketplace for entertainment dollars, communication remains king.  

Big Player Systems has the right tools to help businesses quickly get information out to customers.

Our integrated web based VIP message system sends targeted messages to customers instantly.


Messages appear in three locations.

  • The customer's email account.

  • The customer's online VIP card account.

  • The customer's mobile device via the Mobile App.

Our mobile VIP system enables you to reach new demographics.

By using our web based system, you can draw in an audience that communicates and shares their information and experiences primarily through their smart phones.

New visitors will come because of our improved online system which provides potential customers with a better understanding of what it is you have to offer, what the entertainment value is and what is the value of playing at your facility over other entertainment options.

A system that is extremely easy to operate and requires very little in the way of maintenance.

VIP management, point addition, verification and redemption tools are simple to use and require minimal steps for staff and customers.

Our VIP/Loyalty System and our Digital VIP Player Card enable you to attract new customers and grow your customer base.

  • This in turn will drive spend and increase your bottom line profit.
  • Better management of marketing expenses will also generate more revenue.
  • Our easy-to-use, redeemable, bar coded coupons allow you to track what works and what doesn't.

This enables you to focus your marketing budget on things that work resulting in increased profits.

Gaming websites and databases, if managed correctly, can have immense intrinsic value in themselves.

With the growing trend of many jurisdictions to offer some form of online gaming, a land based gaming operator MUST move forward now and build a proper database and online presence in order to be able to  make money by selling traffic to approved sites.

Big Player Systems has the tools to make this happen.