Enables you to manage different services through one integrated system.

  • Set sessions
  • Set points
  • Add and manage rewards and inventory with a few simple clicks
  • Easily redeem rewards and coupons
  • Easily scan VIP cards
  • Expand your database.

The system is designed to be easy to use for both players and operators.  It is mobile and can be run from any location.

Enables you to interact on a higher level of communication and engagement with customers.

The Mobile App includes:

  • Real time jackpot information pulled from the website
  • Player account information that the player can see and update.
  • A scannable VIP card that the customer can use to receive and redeem points instead of a mag stripe card
  • VIP points that customers can see in real time
  • Redeemable coupons, updates on VIP rewards and messages 
  • Up-to-date content, specials and offers 
  • A call feature that lets customers call your venue with a click of a button 
  • Google mapping features

Your message notifications appear on the Mobile Device, drawing immediate attention to your offer without being lost in email.

Send once to reach players and triple your chance of getting a response.

All messages go to three places:

  • The customer's online account
  • The customer's email account
  • The customer's Mobile App message centre.

You do not need a separate message system. 

With a few simple steps, setup and send automated and targeted messages to:

  • Frequent players to reward them
  • Infrequent players to entice them to play more
  • New players to reward them to try you out
  • All customers on birthdays, holidays etc.

Bar coded coupons included with your messages appear in all message options.

You can add parts of the customer interface to your existing website or chose to use our templates to create a website, or we can provide you with a fully original customized website.

Our features include the following:

  • Player registration and account feature
  • Jackpot and session information
  • Photo gallery
  • Rewards page
  • Calendar
  • Schedule
  • Pricing sheet
  • And much more

The easy to use player registration and customer account feature gives your players the ability to see their points, rewards, coupons and messages from their player account making it easier for them to get your important information.

The easy to use and understand coupon management system enables operators to:

  • Create coupons and special offers in a few steps
  • Attach coupons to messages
  • Verify coupons quickly and easily
  • Track redemptions   

Use coupons to reward and entice new and existing customers and track the results of your marketing efforts.

Our in depth reporting tools tie and cross reference with player statistics, actions and activity.

This provides you with detailed reporting on:

  • Player sessions
  • Player coupon and special offer redemptions
  • Email messages viewed, opened and clicked
  • Registrations
  • Website traffic
  • Unique online visitors
  • Pages viewed
  • Promotions and rewards

All presented in an easy to understand manner.